How Many Calories do Squats Burn - Personal experience

 In my last article, I already talked about the fact that the easiest way to lose weight is to start squatting every day and now I will talk about how many calories do squats burn 

How Many Calories do Squats Burn - Personal experience
How Many Calories do Squats Burn - Personal experience

To do this, you do not need a barbell, not additional weights, your own body weight is enough.

Performing 100-150 squats per day will burn about the same number of calories as you would have spent in 1-1.5 hours on a treadmill.

At the same time, you will spend much less on squats, about 10-15 minutes.

If you think that (100) squats are too much for you, then this is not so. You don't have to try all these (100) squats in one go.

Break this number into 10 to 20 sets and do 1 set every 40 to 60 minutes.

And if you find it difficult to perform 10 squats at once, then you can perform only 5 squats, but already every 30-40 minutes.

You don't have to try all these 100 squats all at once at once. You will need to do these 100 squats throughout the day.

This means that you can divide all these 100 squats into, say, 10-12 hours and do only 5-10 squats every hour.

This seemed ridiculous to many and generated a lot of controversy and discussion on this topic.

Someone wrote that this is complete nonsense, but is it so, let's figure it out. Let us calculate how many calories you will burn while running and with the same squats.

Easy run 8 km / h for 1 min. = 8-9cal In 60 minutes running, an average of about 480 kcal is consumed (60 x 8 = 480 kcal / hour).

And this is not a treadmill, but running on the street. On a treadmill, this figure will be 1.5-2 times lower, which means that in 1 hour you will spend something about 240-360 kcal.

Squats 1 min. = 20-25cal

In 1 minute, you can perform both 50-60 squats, and only 5-10 squats, depending on the pace of execution.

Although in either case, you will burn about the same number of calories.

And I'll explain why! By the way, if you don't know how fat is burned at all, take a look at this article ...

In addition to the amount of work done, we also take into account work under load (time), which, alas, many for some reason forget.

Performing 10 min. squats (1 min. = 10 squats), you will burn about 200-250 kcal. If you choose a pace slightly lower, say only 5 squats in 1 minute. Then it will already be 20 minutes under load, and this will already be about 400 - 500 kcal.

Ask how is this even possible? I assure you it is possible ...

But, for this, we do each squat very smoothly and slowly, where all the emphasis will be on the static load.

Of course, if you just do 5 quick squats, then this is no comparison, if you do 50-60 squats at a time.

But I'm talking about slow-static squats right now. When just (one) squat, you spend quite a long time.

When for a full minute, you slowly and continuously perform 5-10 squats, spending 5-10 seconds each.

This execution is even much more effective than when you just do quick squats. Pushing itself out with tremendous speed by inertia, like a stretched spring.

Here, each repetition is performed from 5-10 seconds to as much as 30 seconds. This is a completely different job for your muscles.

When your muscles are under stress for a long time, then more calories are burned. Therefore, you can divide these same 100-150 squats into 10 -20 approaches and perform them during the day.

But at the same time, you will spend 10-20 minutes, instead of 1-1.5 (2) hours on the treadmill, and at the same time, you will burn a lot more calories.

You can also combine regular fast squats with slow squats. And it will be very effective as well. At the same time, nothing prevents you from changing your stance of your legs and every time you squat with a different stance of your legs.

For the sake of experiment, just try replacing "cardio" with these "squats" every day and you yourself will see that it works great ...

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