Top Health Insurance Companies in Spain in 2021

Top health insurance companies in spain in 2021

Best health insurance in Spain

Top Health Insurance Companies in Spain in 2021
Top Health Insurance Companies in Spain in 2021

  1. Adeslas Health Insurance
  2.  Sanitas health insurance
  3.  Asisa health insurance
  4.  DKV health insurance
  5.  AXA health insurance
  6.  MAPFRE health insurance
  7.  FIATC health insurance
  8.  ASEFA health insurance

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Health insurance is an increasingly popular product in Spain. Within the insurance branches, the health sector is one of the few that continues to grow year by year, and it is that more and more people are aware of health care and prevention ..

This has caused that each year, health insurance entities offer new prices, coverage and offers in health insurance, to respond to consumer needs. In this article we will evaluate the best medical insurance on the market and its advantages, reflecting everything in a single ranking of medical insurance.

Best health insurance in Spain

Throughout the history of health insurance, one of the most important variables when choosing, has been the price. Therefore, our ranking of health insurance orders the best health mutuals 2020, based on the minimum price of the cheapest insurance

Ranking Health Insurance Companies (June 2020) Minimum possible price per month

  1. DKV SEGUROS from € 9 / month
  2. AXA SEGUROS from € 12.44 / month
  3. FIATC from € 17.5 / month
  4. CASER from € 12 / month
  5. ADESLAS from € 16.2 / month
  6. MAPFRE from € 17 / month
  7. ASISA from € 20 / month
  8. ASEFA from € 26 / month

Before choosing between the different medical insurances, beyond the premium of each one of them, it is important to know the differences between the different medical insurers in Spain and compare their benefits and coverage to choose the one that best suits our needs.

We are going to expose the main characteristics of insurers, beyond their positions in the state ranking of health insurance.

Adeslas Health Insurance

  •  Ranking of health insurance companies in Spain 2021 - Updated January 1

Adeslas Basic FROM € 16.20

It is a company with more than 40 years of experience in the health insurance sector. It offers a wide coverage, since it has insurance for individuals and companies, which is adapted to the needs of each client.

It is the only company that gives access to private health insurance to cover those diseases that most companies do not cover.

Among their products they offer insurance with and without hospitalization, with options with copays and without copays. As well as, the option of adding complete dental coverage, beyond the oral check-up and annual cleaning that all your policies already offer.

If you are interested in Adeslas, it offers up to € 150 per insured, without a premium increase. Only until December 31st, so it's a great time to hire.

Sanitas health insurance

▶ Ranking of health insurance companies in Spain 2021 - Updated January 2

Sanitas First FROM € 16.9

Company with a large medical staff with more than 40,000 professionals and in which it stands out a network of its own clinics and 3 hospitals (CIMA, La Moraleja and La Zarzuela) exclusively for Sanitas clients.

In addition, it offers its policyholders the option of adding different types of accessories (pharmacy, CUN, IT, reimbursement, ...) to personalize the policies so that they are perfectly adapted to the needs of each of its clients.

Within the range of health insurance that the company has, we can find from full coverage options to options with hospitalization and medical emergencies.

Sanitas stands out for offering very good services through its application and for making the medical video consultation service available to its clients.

 Asisa health insurance

▶ Ranking of health insurance companies in Spain 2021 - Updated January 3

Asisa Próxima FROM € 21.6

It is one of the leading companies in the sector and is owned by a cooperative made up of more than 10,000 doctors.

Its status as a cooperative allows it to dedicate the annual benefits to improving healthcare activity.

Asisa offers its policyholders private policies, as well as options for freelancers and companies with very good conditions, especially for the latter.

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